Maritima Acantilados

Dolphin and whale watching


    For security reasons the passage to the Masca ravine and pier is closed. Temporarily it is not possible to make reservations. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    Tenerife is a prime spot for whale watching, or whalewatching , with features that are exclusive for the excellent weather and because that there are two populations of cetaceans residents within 3 miles offshore.
    The 3 ships of Maritima Acantilados offer a wide range of options to watching the whales and dolphins, with selection of the duration and type of trip, according to your preferences.
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    Maritima Acantilados - Masca Trekking: 28.397541, -16.497345
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    Avda. José González Forte, 17
    Los Gigantes, Santiago del Teide.

    Information / Reservation
    Ph.: +34 922 86 19 18
    Ph.: +34 922 86 07 26


    Los Gigantes

    • Nashira Uno – 11:00 (3h)
    • Nashira Uno – 14:00 (2h)
    • Gladiator U – 11:00 (2h)
    • Gladiator U – 13:00 (2h)
    • Punta Umbría V – 9:30 (4h)